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image Paper fortune teller origami heart

A heart, made of 18 paper fortune teller origamis – a nice present for a loving person!

We used piece of paper 9cmX9cm, specially designed to fit this frame. But you can make it with any other size. We used also coloured printing paper.Paper fortune teller origami heart [1]

We have already showed how to make a fortune teller. If you have forgotten 3eprint it in PDF.:) [2]

When you are ready with your 18 fortune tellers you can start arranging the heart.


!!!! The tricky part in the arrangement is to cover every two fortune tellers with one or in some places with two parts. We used glue to fix them.

Paper fortune teller origami heart

Here you can see how exactly to arrange the fortune tellers. The height is 5 rows, and the width, at its extreme part (rows 3 and 4) there are 5 fortune tellers.Paper fortune teller origami heart








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