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If you are in the habit of repurposing old denim jeans[2] into bags or other useful things, then you may have wondered what to do with the leftover bits of seams (seam-cuts) that you’ve cut from the pant-legs. Seam-cuts can be so distinctive and beautiful and I have a hard time discarding scraps that I KNOW could have a potential creative use. So, I’ll share with you an idea I came up with to utilize my denim seam-cuts that is easy, fun, and yields a great little accessory.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Three 6-7 inch pieces of seam-cuts (mix ‘em up for a bit of character)
  • Two or three additional small pieces of seam cuts
  • A 3-inch piece of shoe lace or covered elastic (like from a ponytail holder)
  • A decorative button
  • Sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.


Start by cutting your 3 pieces of seam-cut. In this example I cut them to about 6-1/2 inches and used 3 different colors – dark indigo, light indigo, and brown.


Laying the 3 pieces side by side, run about 1/4 inch of zig-zag stitch at either end to connect them. You can do this by hand if your sewing machine does not have a zig-zag option.


If they don’t appear to be even, now is the time to trim the longer bits.


Next, fold the piece of shoe lace (or elastic) in half and stitch it to the top side at one end of the cuff-in-progress to form a button loop. Trim off the excess fairly close to the stitching line.


Take the two shorter seam-cuts and position them across the two cuff ends. They should be a little longer than the cuff is wide. Stitch them to the cuff on all four sides, then trim off the excess length to make them flush with the width of the cuff. You will have covered the raw end of the button loop and reinforced it.


At this point you could sew on your button and be done, but I decided mine would look better with a third cross piece, which I sewed to the center of the cuff and trimmed, as with the two end pieces, then sewed on the button.


Easy? Yes! Fun? No doubt.






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