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Oil candles are very useful as they last long and they can make a very cozy atmosphere in your home. Making an oil candle is not that hard as it seems at first as you can use a mason jar to create such a candle. The great thing about mason jars is that they can be decorated any way you want, from classic to more hip or stylish, you can give them any design. This way your mason jar oil candles will look beautiful and will have a personal air too. To make such candles, you will of course need some mason jars, 1/8 nipple and couplings and 3/8 washers. You will also use cotton lamp wicks and oil (olive oil, coconut oil any kind of oil you want). Drill a hole in the lid of your mason jar and push the nipple into this hole and a coupling. Insert the cotton wick through these and add the oil to the jar. Don’t fill the whole jar with oil. You can now light your candle and enjoy the warmth and the beauty of your new mason jar oil candle. Mason-Jar-Candles-1 Mason-Jar-Candles-2 Mason-Jar-Candles-3 Mason-Jar-Candles-4





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