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toothbrush holder

This was one insanely easy craft idea. When my sons homemade frosting for his birthday cake didn’t turn out well (at all) I had to run to the store and do an emergency frosting pick up. When the celebration was done, I was hesitant to toss the empty frosting containers in the recycle because… it just seemed like something fun could be done with them. And then I realized that we needed a new toothbrush holder…

DIY Toothbrush Holder | One Day of Peace Supplies are pretty basic. What you’ll need is:

1 empty frosting container with label/glue removed

A bit of Mod Podge (We used gloss, but that’s not a must I guess)

Paint Brush

Fabric (Cut so it will wrap around container with about 1/2 inch overlap and just a TAD longer than the length so it can be wrapped over the bottom lip)

Knife/Scissors/SOMETHING to cut holes out at the top



Cut out fabric to desired size.

Cut holes with the width requirements you need on the top. I only did two holes, but there is room for more. My children’s toothbrushes have a thicker handle than my own, so I had to take that into account as well.

Brush a good layer of Mod Podge onto the frosting container,and while it’s wet wrap fabric around. Do a few strokes of Mod Podge across the beginning of the fabric, so that when it over laps the top fabric is firmly held in place.

I let that dry and then I coated the fabric with a few layers of Mod Podge.

Finally, I flipped it over so the ridge on the bottom of the container (and the holes I just cut) were now on top (Original top is now the bottom, bottom is now the top). I Mod Podged around the ridge in steps and at each place I Mod Podged I flipped the extra fabric over, so that it would be bent over the ridge and held in place. This step took a little longer since I had to press and hold the fabric to the container as it dried. Hence why I only did small parts at a time.

Once the edge has been glued in place, I Mod Podged over the new edging and waited for it to dry.

Voila! New, simple toothbrush holder that recycled something that was heading to the waste bin!

DIY Toothbrush Holder | One Day of Peace





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