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Hanging Basket Makeover -- The Silly Pearl

So I had this stand with three hanging baskets. I thought it was a good idea for toys, or bathroom storage, or as I am showing you here, for fabric scraps! I liked that there were no lids and I could just grab the scraps or add to them really easily as I cut fabric. But I was wedging the stand in between my two craft tables and it just didn’t look right.

Hanging Baskets -Before

So after a very short while, I decided to give them a new look and make them a little bit more versatile in terms of where you could place them. I removed the sides and the bottom of the stand and just used the remaining dowels…

hanging basket makeover 1

…to make them individually hanging baskets. This way you could hang just one or two, or you could hang them side by side, or however you like. I also added a coat of chalk paint and some chalkboard labels to make them even more pretty and useful.

I blended three colors of CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Paint to get that weathered basket look: Seattle Mist lightened with Vintage White but brought out a little bit more with a dollop of Virginia Chestnut. I brushed it on the three baskets, inside and out. I followed with a coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Satin Finish to seal the paint.

The Silly Pearl {Handmade}: Hanging Basket Makeover

I also painted the dowels from the stand in Vintage White, plus I added some wooden drawer pulls that I had in my stash, painted to match. To attach the drawer pull to the dowel, I enlarged the hole in the dowel so it was the same size as the hole in the drawer pull. Then I took a much thinner dowel that would fit into the holes, and cut down the length so that when inserted into both the dowel and drawer pull, the drawer pull would be right against the dowel. So sorry I didn’t take pics of this. In addition to the dowel, I used wood glue for added support inside the holes as well as in between the dowel and the drawer pull. Finally, I sealed the paint with a coat of Satin Finish.

Hanging Basket Makeover 3

I didn’t like the wicker loops that came with the baskets. So I cut those off.

Hanging Basket Makeover 4

The loops left this gap in the wicker…

Hanging Basket Makeover5

…so I looped through those gaps some leftover canvas belt straps that I used in my Manly Bulletin Board[1] a few months ago. I used high temperature hot glue on the ends of the straps to create loops. I just had to make sure I cut the belt straps long enough that the dowels along with the drawer pulls that I added.

Hanging Basket Makeover 5

To make the chalkboard labels, I took some small wood pieces and painted two coats of chalkboard paint. Once dried, I drilled a hole about 1/2 inch or so from each end, through both the wood piece and a strip of upholstery webbing (which I also used in my Manly Bulletin Board).

Hanging Basket Makeover 6

Then using an upholster needle, I threaded some jute twine through the wood strip and webbing on one side from front to back, then through the basket.

Hanging Basket Makeover 7

Then I threaded the twine through the basket from the inside out, and then through the back of the webbing and wood piece.

Hanging Basket Makeover 8

I trimmed each end with about two inches to spare, and I tied knots on either end to secure the chalkboard labels.

Hanging Basket Makeover 9

All that was left was to thread the dowels through the hanging loops, and tie some jute twine to the dowels for hanging. You could also use some hooks for the dowels to rest in.


At the time, I thought I didn’t have enough wall space to keep these baskets. Now at our new home and now that I’m rethinking storage, I may have had enough room! But they ended up selling all three of them (to the same person it looks like) at Room With A Past a few weeks ago. Wish I had kept them! But then again, that’s what I always say when I sell something. I’m always so happy yet so sad!

Hanging Basket Makeover - The Silly Pearl

You might not have these exact hanging baskets but you could do this with any similarly shaped baskets. They kind of remind me of bicycle baskets actually. So keep your eyes peeled and if you find something that might work, you can apply what I’ve done here to transform them.

Hanging Basket Makeover - Before and After





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