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Here are some gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers with a difference – they’re all made from paper! In this tutorial, you will learn four different techniques for creating paper flowers by folding, cutting and glueing. Paper craft has never looked so pretty with these little beauties!


  • Colorful paper in squares 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in). You’ll need five of each color.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Glue stick.
  • Craft glue.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Sticky tape or Washi tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Wooden skewers.

Step 1

First, place one square piece of paper 15cm x 15cm (6 x 6 in) on a flat surface with the colored side facing down. Turn the sheet so it looks like a diamond shape and bring the lower corner up to the top corner and fold the paper carefully. Crease well. Use a bone folder or the back of a metal spoon for perfectly sharp folds.


Now take the right corner and bring it up to the top point, making a triangle. Fold and crease. Repeat with the left corner. Now you should have a smaller diamond shape, as pictured below.


Open up the flaps so you are back to the previous triangle.


Fold the right side up so that the lower edge aligns with the creased line, as pictured below. Fold well.


Repeat the same folding and creasing process on the left side. You should have made the shape as pictured below.


Now, take the two small triangles that extend over the edges and fold them back, as pictured below. Nice work! You’ve now created all the fold lines which will guide you through the next steps.


Step 2

Open up the paper to the initial triangle.


This time, fold the two small triangles inwards.


Fold the lower sides of the triangle upwards.


Fold the triangles over and upwards again. Now you’re ready to glue.


Step 3

Using a glue stick, add glue to the flaps.


Bring together the flaps and create a cone shape. Hold them together with your hands or with a clip until they are firmly glued. You’ve now created the first petal of your daisy.


Step 4

Repeat the above process four times, to create a total of five petals.


Once the petals are ready, use a hot glue gun to secure them, one by one, to the wooden skewer. All five petals should fit neatly around the skewer, which serves as the stem of the flower.

paperflowers-1d-glue on stick

You’ve now made a stylized paper daisy. Nice work!






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