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Sock Bunny


Sock Bunny

Can you believe it, I sewed another sock bunny for the Easter!!! After the 2 versions of sock bunnies (this[2] and this[3]) I did 2 years ago using a single sock, this year, I decided to sew a bigger version of sock bunny (14″ tall) which is more cuddly. Kids will love the size and the long lop ears of Lilac, the sock bunny has.

I am so hooked on to designing and sewing of sock toys. The inspirations just hit me while I am sewing: “Hey, I can sew a lion[4] if I put up the mane here; use extra sock to make the long ears for the lop ear bunny; If I shape the sock like this, it can become a penguin[5], and owl[6]… etc.” I hope the ideas continues to flow in and allows me to create more sock dolls to share.

Sock dolls aren’t hard to sew as you might think of. With the knit property of the sock, it is easy to manipulate. The tedious part is how to sew a straight and neat stitch which play a big role to determine the workmanship of your handmade. I was once a newbie, my stitches wasn’t decent looking when I started to sew my first sock doll. Your sewing skill improves over time with more practices. Perhaps you don’t know, before I am able to come out with a decent looking creation and to develop it into pattern and tutorial for sharing, I need to make a few test pieces to find out which one has the best style in my eyes. There are a lot of hard-works you don’t see me working on; lots of late nights, lots of trial & error and of course producing lots of not-so-decent looking test pieces. Nevertheless… I completely enjoy every moment of the making with no complain and no whining. The biggest motivation you will have at the very moment you’ve just finished a sock doll with your full effort, you will feel proud of yourself as you know someone will love it because it is handmade by you and they can’t find the second piece that looks the same as this!!! Don’t hesitate, pick some socks and start sewing!

Happy sock doll sewing!!!

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