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Craft for Kids: Color Wheel
Fun Foam COLOR WHEEL Teaching Aid!

Great way to teach children their colors...color order...and mixing colors...

without making a mess.

Craft for Kids: Color Wheel

Started by tracing a dinner plate on a piece of WHITE craft foam

Then a smaller bowl in the center.  Glued onto the green foam piece.

Each colored piece was cut the same size.

I was thrilled to find all 12 color varieties I needed in fun foam,

 so I didn't have to paint any of the pieces!  Yay!

They all have a circle of velcro on the backs of them...

and the other side of the velcro around the wheel.

Craft for Kids: Color Wheel
The little addition formula on the side is so kids can practice
 the color mixing and show what the pair will make!
Perfect and simple for my 8 year old.
The 4 year old still needs some color work.
Craft for Kids: Color Wheel

I just store it in a craft envelope.  Easy!





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