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May 13, 2014

Kids craft: Neon Ring Toss Game Tutorial

No need to buy a ring toss game, why not make your own in neon colors! Neons make the pieces easy to spot in the yard, and what child doesn’t love bright colorful neon? This game was made with a paint stir stick and 3 f ...
April 23, 2014

Kids craft: Paper Plate Fruit Tutorial

With summer here, we are able to enjoy fresh fruits at the peak of their season. This fun craft for kids is colorful and simple and a great way to celebrate the sweet treats Mother Nature has to offer. Use miniature paper plates, ...
April 01, 2014

Kids craft: Sock Bunny Tutorial

Can you believe it, I sewed another sock bunny for the Easter!!! After the 2 versions of sock bunnies (this and this) I did 2 years ago using a single sock, this year, I decided to sew a bigger version of sock bunny (14″ tall) which is more c ...
March 20, 2014

Kids craft: Egg Carton Frog Tutorial

April is National Frog Month. Teachers and homeschooling parents will be looking for frog activities, frog crafts and even frog recipes. Umm, probably not actual recipes using frogs, but fun edibles shaped like frogs!...
March 17, 2014

Kids craft: Origami crane Tutorial

16 Mar 0 Get Tutorial Origami Crane Next ► Origami Crane Picture 1 of 3 (Click arrow for more pictures) An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. If there is only one wish I can make, I will pray for the returning of MH370, the recent missing flight that are supposed to reach ...
March 04, 2014

Kids craft: Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Bracelet Tutorial

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I adore colorful crafts. Spring and Halloween are my two favorite crafting occasions as they are full of color. Rainbows hit the Internet by storm usually at the end of February in ...
February 28, 2014

Kids craft: Plastic Bottle Medusas Tutorial

They turned out really pretty, and the kids had lots of fun. The whole activity is easy but it’s important to have an adult nearby as it involves using a candle...
February 27, 2014

Kids craft: Notebook Pinwheels Tutorial

Use a square sheet of paper. Cut with scissors along the diagonals, stopping before you get to the centre. ...
February 25, 2014

Kids craft: Pop-Up Origami Dinosaur Invitations Tutorial

Little boys usually seem to go through a dinosaur phase, and often they request a dinosaur birthday cake or party theme. They’ll love these pop-up origami dino invitations, and so will you because they are quite simple to make. Just follow our step-by-step folding and cutting instructions and they’ll be a roarrring success! Supplies Light ...
February 17, 2014

Kids craft: Popsicle Stick Bows and Cotton Swab Arrow Tutorial

Super Simple Popsicle Stick Bows and Cotton Swab Arrows!...
January 16, 2014

Craft ideas for Kids: Owl bookmark Tutorial

What you need: Two different coloured pieces of leather Cardboard Plastic washers Felt tip pen PVA glue Scissors How to make an Owl bookmark? 1. Cut out the owl from the darker piece of leather and the cardboard. 2. Cut out the smaller owl from the lighter piece of leather. Draw the middle of the eye using felt tip pen. 3. Glue the lighter owl on the middle of the darker owl. 4. Glue the plactic washers on. 5. Cut out a small triangle from the leather and glue it below the eyes. This is the beak of the owl. 6. Glue the upper side of the leather owl on the cardboard owl.
November 14, 2013

Kids craft: Apples and walnuts Tutorial

The season of the apples has come! Well, ours are not for eating, but they can be used as an easy and eco-friendly Christmas decoration. The season of the apples has come! Well, ours are not for eating, but they can be used as an easy and eco-friendly Christmas decoration.
November 13, 2013

Kids craft: Squared elephants Tutorial

Elephants, coloured with wax crayons and aquarelle pencils. An elephant, drawn using the Zentangle technique with a black ball-pen. See the template here: There are two grids on each template, so you can make two elephants. Colour them as you like, cut and fold where shown, and your elephant is ready. See more easy collages for kids in KROKOTAK: ...
November 07, 2013

Craft idea: Polka Dot Owl Magnets Tutorial

Need a sweet gift idea for that owl lover in your life? Or maybe it’s you “hoo” can’t resist those cute beaks and big eyes! I love owls too and collected them for many years when I was younger. I love how fun the polka dots look on these, and the cut-out ...
November 06, 2013

Craft idea: Pastime with chestnuts and thread

Kids love to gather chestnuts! They are so smooth and shiny. Pockets, bags – chestnuts are everywhere at home:)...
October 07, 2013

Craft idea: Dinosaur Bookends Tutorial

I am so excited about this Hot Glue Project! ...
September 23, 2013

Craft idea: Leave figures Tutorial

Meet our new friends – the leaf people:) ...
September 20, 2013

Craft idea: Felt Leaf Finger Puppets Tutorial

Here’s a cute fall craft for the kids. Using felt and few easy embellishments, make leaf shaped finger puppets to play with all afternoon. A great way to pass the time on a rainy autumn day...
September 19, 2013

Craft idea: Child’s Room Felt Decoration

Dear friends had sent us a present from Turkey…. but my children could not come to an agreement who to take it. The elder sister ceded the toy at her own will, but its colour was not very boyish… So I used what I had at hand to make another decoration – similar to the present and at the same time suitable for a boy… We chose fish – they were easy t ...
September 18, 2013

Craft Idea: Kid’s Drum Tutorial

It’s marvellous to play it:) I think it’s better than the toy, rolling somewhere in the basket. One has to try it, no doubt… I, myself, also gave a few hits on it, satisfied with the quick and successful toy…. You need a tin can, a balloon and some elastic cord, to fix the balloon to the can. As for hitting the drum, you may use wooden ice-cream ...
September 11, 2013

Craft idea. Bubble Wrap Apple Stamps Tutorial

Making your own stamps from bubble wrap is super easy. These apple shapes are great for decorating wrapping paper, making thank you cards, creating a fun banner or bunting, or just for a fun art project. No matter ...
August 30, 2013

KIds craft: Rice-Filled Musical Lids Tutorial

-Mom, we have presents for you!!!! It’s such a bliss to have a village at the end of the world where kids can play all summer long without the constant supervision of their mother, without the thousands of advices to ‘be careful or they will get hurt’. And while grandma is trying to preserve the summer in an army of jars, her beloved grandchildren h ...
August 27, 2013

Kids craft idea: Outdoor Flying Candy Game Tutorial

It works!!!! – after a little alternation of the thickness of the rope…
August 02, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Bouquet of Fingerprint Flowers Tutorial

If you’re like me, you have a box full of momentos you’ve been saving (and adding to) as your kids grow. Those tiny little bracelets they wear on their wrist in the hospital, that little certificate with their hand and teeny f ...
August 01, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Set of Vintage Floral Hama Bead Coasters Tutorial

Vintage floral prints are bang-on-trend in fashion and homewares this season, and they’re the inspiration for these Hama (or Perler) bead coaster designs. Inspired by the kind of vibrant florals you’d typically see in domestic bed linen of the ’60s and ’70s, these coasters will add a dash of retro playfulness to your decor....
July 23, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Paper Plate Clown Puppet Tutorial

Have you and the kids been to the circus lately? If you have, then chances are you laughed at the entertaining car full of clowns that put on a great show. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you left the circus. How about making s ...
July 19, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Pompom Puppy Tutorial

What you need: Various sized white pompoms Googly eyes White and pink felt White pipe cleaner PVA Glue Glue gun Scissors Pencil Pinchers
July 10, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Parachute Toy Tutorial

Last month I was over at Skip to my Lou last sharing how to make Parachute Toys! Well, I don’t want any of you to miss out on the fun so here’s my post just in case you missed it over there! You are going to need basic supplies: string (or baker’s twine if that’s handy) a small toy figure that isn’t too heavy Take your bag and cut down each side....
July 10, 2013

Kids craft: Toothpick Mini-Mikado Tutorial

The game is suitable for children over 7 years of age. Mikado is a classic game. It’s easy and it’s fun for the kids. We played several games ourselves. Our mikado is hardly different from a regular set…except for the size. We colored the toothpicks with felt-tip pens....
July 05, 2013

Craft idea: Magnetic Travel Tanagrams Tutorial

In the coming weeks I'll be travelling with my nephews and parents around Texas, up through New Mexico and back home to Oklahoma. And since I absolutely cannot stand the sound of the little handheld video games the boys will surely bring with them, I'm finding alternative, quiet play options for them! So I bought each kid a little 97 cent cookie...
June 13, 2013

Craft ideas for Kids: Balloon hovercraft tutorial

TO MAKE A BALLOON HOVERCRAFT YOU WILL NEED: - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – - + A smooth floor + A balloon + Some glue (strong enough...
May 29, 2013

Craft ideas for Father's Day: Father's Day Stones Tutorial

Paperweights have always made great gifts for Father’s Day. They use inexpensive supplies, just head outside and find some rocks, and are easy to make! They’re also useful. Dad can use them at work at his desk, or at home in his own space. These rock paperweights tel ...
May 24, 2013

Craft for Kids: Color Wheel

Fun Foam COLOR WHEEL Teaching Aid! ...
May 23, 2013

Kids craft tutorial: Recycled CD Spinners

Don’t throw out those old CDs and DVDs just yet! Instead, turn them into a fun game that keeps everyone entertained, even the grown ups! Make it a contest to see which spinner stays going the longest. Part of the fun is decorating them however you l ...




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