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I am so excited to show you my Halloween porch, with a creepy owl wreath and creepy twig tree. I created all of this with some of my favorite products: Mod Podge[1], Stiffy Fabric Stiffener, and Folk Art Paint, which were provided by Plaid to create my front porch look.

Halloween Porch–Creepy Owl Wreath and Twig Tree

Halloween Porch–Creepy Owl Wreath and Twig Tree

Fallen twigs that I collected from around my neighborhood, plus vintage bucket and festive paper and fabric created my creepy twig tree.

Halloween Porch–Creepy Owl Wreath and Twig Tree

First thing I did was spray paint all of my twigs with a metallic bronze. I thought it would be fun to give them a darker, shinier finish.

Halloween Porch2

To make the feathers of my wreath, I simply cut out some free-hand feather shapes from thin cotton fabric that I had on hand, in black and gray.

Halloween Porch3

I folded each feather in half lengthwise and snipped the raw edge towards the center.


“Don’t they look lovely, June?” “Fabulous, Harry, I just love the feathers.” Name that movie.

Halloween Porch5

Next, I coated each feather with Stiffy Fabric Stiffener with a thin coat. I just drizzled some on straight from the bottle onto the feathers, and spread it out with a foam brush. I repeated on the other side. To speed up the drying process, I put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Stiffy Fabric Stiffener made my feathers and ornaments stiff and papery but still maintained the look of fabric. If I needed more stiffness, I would have just had to add another thin layer of fabric stiffener.

Halloween Porch6

As for my owls (from the dollar store), I covered them with Halloween-themed Podgeable Papers. The paper is thin, but thicker than tissue paper, so it’s easy to use but doesn’t tear as easily. I adhered the paper with Outdoor Mod Podge, which is a more durable, water-based formula that lets you decoupage for the outdoors.

Halloween Porch8

It was easiest to tear up little pieces of the Podgeable Papers onto the curved surface of the owls.

Halloween Porch9

To define the owl’s ears, beak, wings, and feet, I painted some black paint over those areas. At first I had also painted the eyes, but it didn’t look good at all. So instead, I punched out some cardstock in green and black to make the eyes, and used hot glue to stick them onto the owl.

Halloween Porch10

I loved this slime-green Folk Art craft paint that Plaid sent! I painted my wreath form with it.

Halloween Porch7

Then I arranged some twigs, feathers, and owls onto the wreath. I let some of the green wreath form peek through, kind of like a moon. I adhered it all on with a high temp glue gun (high temp is particularly needed for the owls, which are on the heavier side). I hung it to one side on this rusty nail that came with our house. Because of the weight of the owls, I hung it to one side and it didn’t tilt.

Halloween Porch–Creepy Owl Wreath and Twig Tree

As for the twig tree, that was super easy. My vintage bucket was a great shape and color for my creepy twig tree. I covered it with large pieces of the Podgeable Papers.

Halloween Porch11

I tore off the edges to give it a more organic look, applied a layer of Outdoor Mod Podge to the back, and smoothed on the paper. Then I applied another layer of Outdoor Mod Podge on top.

Halloween Porch12

Halloween Porch13

I also added these Halloween ornaments that were super quick to make, using more Mod Podge and Stiffy around the edges. Do the images look familiar?

Halloween Porch14

I love how my wreath and twig tree turned out. Creepy but not too scary or gory, which is the type of Halloween we do.

Halloween Porch–Creepy Owl Wreath and Twig Tree

Underneath my twig tree, I put our pumpkins that we already had (thank you to my girls for arranging and rearranging them five kabillion times). Check out this giant branch I found in my own back yard! Hope to add a bunch more pumpkins alongside it by Halloween night.





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