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Fall Acorn Wreath -- The Silly Pearl

There’s a huge oak tree across the street, dropping its acorns and leaves on the ground. I’ve been gathering some each time I walk the girls to and from school, and created this Fall Acorn Wreath, using the caps from the acorns, and the leaves as templates.


The “nut” of these types of acorns were those elongated kinds and most had fallen out of the caps. So I recreated the nut part on my own with wooden beads, wood filler, and Martha Stewart Craft Paint[1] in Satin and Metallic colors.


To make the leaves, I used some wool sweaters that I felted in the washing machine, wool or wool blend yarn (I used Martha Stewart Lion Brand[2] Wool Blend Yarn), a felting pad and felting needle.


I started with the acorns since drying time was needed. First I filled in the holes of the beads with the wood filler, to also make a sort of “point” at the end of each acorn nut. It’s kind of like filling in a cupcake with frosting.


Try to use beads in different sizes since the acorn caps will be of different sizes as well.


Make as many as you have acorn caps.


As the wood filler dried, I started on the leaves. I used the real leaves to cut out leaves from my felted wool sweaters. I used this sweater felting tutorial from Martha Stewart[3]. Then I cut some of the yarn to make “veins” for the leaves, and felted those on with my felting needle.


As shown above, I started with the middle vein, and then I cut shorter lengths of yarn for the smaller branches. Here’s a needle felting tutorial from Martha Stewart.[4]


You can make a lot of leaves or just a few.


Now that the wood filler has dried (about 2 hours), I painted the wood beads with paint, right over the wood filler as well.


I love my color template…it’s slightly different with the blue.


After the paint dried, I was ready to start gluing the beads to the acorn caps. I couldn’t resist this twin one.


I used a high temp glue gun and covered the sides with glue.


Then I just stuck the bead in. Hello little acorn!


To give the acorn some shine, I covered the whole thing with glossy decoupage glue.


While all of that dried, I covered a wreath form with butchers twine.


And played with the placement of my leaves. I decided just to cover the bottom half of the wreath.


I took a picture of the placement of my leaves and acorns when I was happy with it.


And I started gluing the acorns and leaves onto the wreath form with hot glue.


Finally, to give the wreath some extra texture, I tied some jute twine around each acorn cluster, sort of like a package.


All done.

The Silly Pearl - Fall Acorn Wreath

I have to say that this is my favorite type of craft. Lots of little steps, using lots of different techniques, and lots of different tools and materials. Some may say that ain’t nobody got time for that, but I make the time because it brings me such solace. And I love to make wreaths, and I love it when nature inspires my craft. And I love this unusual Fall color scheme. And I love the Fall. Love Love Love this wreath!

Fall Acorn Wreath-The Silly Pearl






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