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How To Transfer A Photo To Wood

Many decorations are expensive and not that stylish to being worth your attention. With the tricks featured in this tutorial, you can make your own custom piece of decoration. Read the following and learn how to transfer a photo to wood and actually make a nice `painting` to place in your living room. Here is what you’ll need:

• a picture printed on a regular piece of paper;
• a block of wood (smooth, sanded wood is recommended);
• gel medium;
• Mod Podge;

You begin with covering the piece of wood with the gel medium and place the paper with the picture facing down. With your hand, smooth out the entire surface of the paper, getting rid of the bubbles in the process. Now, leave to dry overnight. The next day, get a slightly wet cloth and soak the paper with it. Make sure there aren’t any spots left un-soaked. You will notice then how easily the paper comes off, leaving the picture underneath imprinted on the piece of wood. Continue to rub with your fingers until it all comes off. Take the cloth and clean any residue of paper off the wood. Finally, cover the entire picture with some Mod Podge and let to dry for a bit. You’re done!





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