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Owls are very cute and peaceful creatures and in some cultures they represent wisdom. Owls are also a popular motive used in fashion nowadays, as there are many clothes that have an owl printed on them. If you or your children are also an owl fan, than you will simply love this tutorial. By following the steps below, you will be able to create a cute owl pillow in no time. To make the pillow, you will need: • 2 fabrics (one with pattern and one that matches it);
• some felt fabric (choose the shades that fit the 2 fabrics);
• batting;
• a pair of scissors;
• owl body template;



Print the template of the owl body and to make it easier for you to work with it, you can also trace it on wax paper. Place the template on one of the fabrics, trace the body of the owl and cut it out. After that, cut out the wings of the owl from the other fabric. Sew them together. Make the eyes and the beak of the owl out of the felt. You can get creative at this part and make the owl look the way you want it. Sew the two parts of the pillow together and leave the bottom part open to insert the stuffing. Stuff the owl with batting and make sure the batting gets everywhere (for instance, the ears of the owl). Sew the bottom of the pillow to secure it and you are done. An owl pillow is also a great gift in case you’ve been invited to a birthday party or if the holidays are approaching and you’re out of ideas.





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