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If you are looking for original ways to decorate or improve the interior design of your room, then you should this next origami flower tutorial. It will require a bit of patience, but the materials you will have to buy are cheap, so you can make as many flowers as you want. It is also a fun tutorial and you can make this origami flower ball together with your kids. What is great about origami is that you can use different techniques to create something awesome. To make the flower ball, you will need the following:

• a couple sheets of colored paper;
• some glue;
• a pair of scissors;


Take the colored paper and use the scissor to cut them in squares. You will be making each flower separately, and afterwards you’ll glue them together to create the ball. Take the squares and fold them diagonally so it will look like a triangle. Fold this shape again as shown in the picture. Now create a kite shape with 2 triangles on its side, by unfolding the two sides of the paper. Fold these triangle shapes in half and then create a cone shape, just like the one in the picture. Secure with glue. Make several cones and glue them together, until they form a flower. To make the flower, use 5 cones. To make the ball, you will have to glue the flowers together. You can hang the flower balls anywhere in the room or just place them on a table as ornaments. They will look great, either way.





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