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sm pom 1

I am excited to share my daughter’s room design that we have been working on this year.  I’m falling in love with it each step of the way.   I’m sharing it in parts over the next week.  While on Pinteres[1]t, I found this adorable room with hanging pom-poms[2].   How clever that Jessica used paper lanterns!  I love the 3 pom poms in the corner of Jessica’s room.

After finding these two pom poms (one gray and one teal) at Hobby Lobby (pic below), I thought I would make a coral one to tie in all of the colors in the room.  I made mine a bit different and I’m sharing it with you today:)

sm pom 3

sm pom 2

-Material in texture & color of choice (any will work!)  I needed about 1 1/2 yards for the larger ball

-Circle template pattern (I just traced a glass top) about 3.5 inches

-Fabric scissors

-straight pins

-styrofoam ball (mine was the larger 10″)

-A LOT OF PATIENCE and a good show (they take forever)

-Clear string or wire to hang them

-hooks for hanging

sm pom 4

Step 1:  Cut out your fabric circles.  They do not have to be perfect at all!

sm pom 5

Step 2: Fold the circle in fourths.  Place a straight pin in the corner of the folded circle of fabric.  Then pin the circle into your ball.

sm pom 6

Step 3: Keep a going!  Watch a show…eat some snacks…and keep cutting and pinning away until you have your whole ball covered:)

sm pom 9

sm pom 10

Hang them from the ceiling with screw hooks and clear wire.  Hang at different depths from the wall and different lengths.

Below is a little sneak peak of the room…can’t wait to share more this week.  xo

sm pom 8





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