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I made this cozy Felted Wool Poinsettia Wreath to welcome the holiday season.

Felted Poinsettia Wreath -- The Silly Pearl

I’m using similar techniques to my Fall Acorn Wreath[1], but used differently shaped leaves and using wool felt roving instead of yarn for the details in the poinsettia petals. My Fall Acorn Wreath also used all recycled sweaters that I felted myself, but this time I purchased some already felted wool to give myself some other color options and I also just really wanted to try it! So I traced some free-hand petal shapes onto the white felted wool (and here’s the label if you want to look for it at the craft store…it would be with the felting supplies in the yarn area).


My mom is the one who encouraged me to try felting. She bought me a variety pack of roving colors that came in these cute little rolls. So I used a light blue and a misty blue to accent my poinsettia petals. First I laid out a petal onto my felting board.


I pulled out a little bit of roving and fluffed it out so I had about one layer of it. I wanted just a wisp of color on my petals, as if it was painted on with watercolors. Just a little bit of color. Happy little petals. <—channeling Bob Ross there.


I cut off about two inches at a slight angle…


…and felted it into the fabric with my felting needle.


I cut out some green leaves and layered my petals onto the leaves.


I cut a small piece of the green wool to anchor the leaves. Oh by the way, I also wrapped a wreath form with jute twine (which I’ve done a zillion times on this blog!)


To attach the leaves, you can either use hot glue, but because I have the same color wool going on, I thought I’d try to felt them together. I felted it a lot to make sure it was secure, and it worked! Woohoo!


For the petals, I used hot glue. If I had tried to felt them, the green wool may have shown through the white.


I cut a small circle of the white wool and attached the top layer of petals on top with glue, then I trimmed away the circle that was sticking out between the petals. I guess I didn’t have to use the circle…I could have just glued the top ones directly to the middle layer. I attached all 3 layers onto the wreath form with more hot glue.


One final touch…I used two of the beads left over from my Fall Acorn Wreath[2] and painted them gold…


And used them as the middle of my poinsettia. Then I tucked in some darker green wool leaves on the sides to complete the look.

Felted Wool Poinsettia Wreath by The Silly Pearl

All done! I’m definitely into the cozy wreaths this year!

Felted Pointsettia Wreath - The Silly Pearl

Now you can make your own felted wreath, or you can buy one…I’ve listed this wreath and my Fall Acorn Wreath, perfect for Thanksgiving, in my Etsy shop[3]! Don’t forget to use the code HANDMADE2013 at checkout for free shipping!

Holiday Wreaths - The Silly Pearl SHOP on Etsy






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