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sm sunburst mirror 2 I made these little gems as part of my Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge[1].  I have to say…I love how they turned out.  I love sunburst mirrors and how these mini mirrors reflect the light on my tree.  So pretty!

Today I will share my tutorial with you on how to make these Sunburst mirror ornaments.  All of the supplies are easy to find at any Michaels Craft store.

Supplies you need:

Mirrors (Mine were 3 inch round)

Wood backing circle (3 inch round, found in the wood/wood shape aisle in Michaels)

Decorative beading (you choose!)  Found near the ribbon and trimmings

1/8 inch craft sticks (the extra long ones, I think they come in yard strips) They color code the sticks, the 1/8 inch are green (I would get a couple of sticks per mirror:)

Saw to cut the sticks ( I used a miter saw)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

sm sunburst mirror 6

Step 1:  Cut your stick strips into 3 inch and 2 inch pieces.  I used 10 (3 inch) and 20 (2 inch) pieces for each ornament.

sm sunburst mirror 8

Step 2:  Begin gluing.  Don’t get too precise or worried about the spacing.  Glue on 1 (3 inch) strip and then 2 (2 inch) strips.  Keep up this pattern around the whole circle.  Below you can see the spacing that worked best for me.  While the glue is still warm you can mold it and scoot the strips around:)

sm sunburst mirror 9

This is how it should look after gluing the sticks.

sm sunburst mirror 10

Step 3:  Spray paint….gold or silver, or a color….however I love the metallics!

sm sunburst mirror 5

sm sunburst mirror 4

Step 4:  Hot glue on your mirror…and then hot glue the decorative beading around the mirror…easy peasy…as my kids say!

sm sunburst mirror 7

sm sunburst mirror 3

sm sunburst mirror 2

I am in love with these ornaments.  So pretty on my tree! & simple to make!

sm michaels tree 5





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